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Golden home curtain and furnishing offer the best deals on all styles and designs of PVC curtains. We are well equipped to provide PVC curtains in Selangor and other major areas in Malaysia.
Plastic curtains, also known as PVC curtains, have been around for decades. They are used for a wide range of purposes in industrial workplace environments. It is air and watertight material, so PVC offers excellent thermal insulation properties
There is a wide range of different plastic curtains for you to choose from, all of which serve the purposes outlined above. Some of the various types of PVC curtains are listed below;
• Plain PVC roll curtains
• Ribbed PVC curtain rolls
• Welding grade PVC curtains
• Polar grade PVC curtains

Where can you use a PVC curtain?

PVC curtains are used in a variety of different places. They are utilized for many reasons and offer many benefits. PVC curtains are used in many companies like shipping plants, factories, restaurants, and food processing plants to provide simple, cheap, and practical solutions to any problem. This is why many companies use PVC curtains in their day to the day production process.
Procure your PVC curtain for your company and home in Malaysia from golden home curtain and furnishing.

Benefits of PVC curtain

Plastic curtains are used to maintain the temperature on both sides of the curtains. They are used to separate different work areas. The curtains are ideal for separating work areas that may cause contamination otherwise.
You can save energy and thus money because the plastic curtain prevents conditioned air from escaping outside.
They reduce the level of noise pollution being conveyed outside the premises. They prevent the entry of birds and pests into the factory.
Welding grade PVC reduces the intensity of the flashes given off during welding
Golden home curtain and furnishing provides high-grade PVC for homes and companies in Selangor and Malaysia generally. Get yours too!

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