Curtain Design

Curtain Design

With a wide range of products, Golden home is a reliable supplier of custom made curtains in Malaysia. We have various types of curtains available in different sizes, colors, and fabrics. Golden home offers different types of curtain designs for home and office in Malaysia.
If the windows are the eyes to the soul, then the curtains are surely the eyelashes. Curtains are one of the most sought-after fixtures of interior decoration and design. Curtains can soften the light that enters the house, thus, creating a relaxing atmosphere. This helps to improve the ambiance of the home and workspace. Apart from the aesthetic effect, curtains moderate the amount of light entering the house.
There are several choices of curtains available at Golden home curtains and furnishing. We specialize in a wide range of custom made curtain designs In Malaysia. You can pick any one of the following curtain designs

We specialise in a wide range of curtain designs:-

  • French Pleat Style
  • Singapore Pleat Style
  • Tab Top/Singlet Style
  • Slot Top Style
  • Eyelet/Grommet Style
  • Goblet Pleat Style
  • Pencil pleat Style
  • S-fold Curtains
  • Roman Curtains
  • Wave Style
  • Automation Curtains
  • PVC Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains



Popular Curtain Design Patterns


Use curtains to create ‘moods’ or accentuate the ambience.


Curtains can create great contrasts to highlight your furniture and decor.


Curtains can soften light that enters the room, great to create relaxing moods.


Use colours to collaborate with curtains to add amazing colour themes


Use curtains to create vibrant yet minimalist space designs.


Choose to add warmer or cooler tint to any room or space.


We pride ourselves from our years of experience, our commitment to craftmanship and the selection of the finest materials in all our work.
Select the right choice of curtain, and you could enhance the decor of your bedroom, lounge, or dining room and combine with other interior design elements to produce a classy finish.
Curtains can create great contrasts to highlight your furniture and decor.

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